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Effective December 1, 2018, changes to Federal Civil and Criminal Rules no longer require a certificate of service if all attorneys and parties in a case are served via the court's electronic filing system, i.e., the filing is electronic and everyone in the case receives notification via e-mail. If, however, an attorney or pro se party files in paper or a party in a case receives notice via any other means, such as regular mail, the requirement for a certificate of service remains.

Our court will continue to issue deficiencies, but only in cases where a certificate is required by the Rule.

To verify all attorneys and litigants for the case in which you are filing receive notification electronically, log in. Click Utilities on the blue menu bar, then Mailings, and Mailing Info for a Case. If no names appear under the Manual Notice List, a certificate of service is unnecessary after December 1.

By accessing the system, you accept and understand these changes.


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