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Processing of Hurricane Cases

2022-09-22 10:01:00
Due to the recent voluminous filings of hurricane related cases, it is taking the Clerk's Office longer than normal to process the filings.  You can be assured that all cases will be reviewed, assigned, and processed as soon as humanly possible.  Thank you, and we appreciate your patience.

Pay.Gov's Daily Credit Card Transaction Limit

2022-08-24 17:02:00
Pay.gov has informed the court that there is a daily credit card transaction limit of $24,999 per credit card.  This roughly translates to about 62 new case filing fees ($402 per new suit).  This limit has become problematic for law firms who have multiple hurricane law suits to file.  Therefore, a new (and temporary) option has been added to the payment options screen to be used ONLY IF pay.gov indicates your daily transaction limit has been reached.  You will still be responsible for paying the filing fee on the next available day by clicking on Civil > Other Documents and selecting Electronic Payment of Civil Case Filing Fee (Non-Habeas).  Please call our Help Desk at 1-866-323-1101 if you have any questions.


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